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My ma­jor pri­or­ity is to fab­ri­cate a wiring loom to re­place the dis­eased and cracked one that came with bike. Ac­cord­ing to my mate Fer­ret... “even you can knock one of those up!” Err, thanks for the vote of con­fi­dence fella! My plan here is to throw in a few ex­tra earths to help the fairly prim­i­tive 6v elec­tri­cal sys­tem. Also on the elec­tri­cal front the orig­i­nal rec­ti­fier has, per­haps not too sur­pris­ingly, checked as be­ing fit only for the bin. Once again the OEM unit is long dis­con­tin­ued and for the pur­poses of get­ting the bike back on the road I’m go­ing to com­mit the heinous sin of us­ing a mod­ern equiv­a­lent. I have two ex­hausts al­ready re­plated and even though they are Mk.1 chrome sys­tems and not the of­fi­cial satin-black ones they are go­ing on. I’m still wait­ing for the su­per-rare heat shields to come back from the chromers but they are so flimsy and eas­ily dam­aged they’ll be go­ing on once the bike is fet­tled and sorted. One nag­ging doubt I have is the liner I in­stalled af­ter re­pair­ing the tank. I’ve heard from var­i­ous sources that it’s no longer re­sis­tant to mod­ern petrol. Given that the tank is painted ready to go I’m now won­der­ing just what on earth my op­tions are? Any­thing that strips out tank lin­ers also strips paint and it’s not some­thing I’m pre­pared to risk so some­thing else to worry about then.

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