Top tips for fuel taps!

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Leak­ing fuel taps are un­sightly, smelly and po­ten­tially danger­ous. Here’s how to fix ’em.

Fuel taps; pretty much ev­ery bike has at least one and like many mo­tor­cy­cle com­po­nents they get ig­nored un­til they go wrong. For­tu­nately most taps likely to be en­coun­tered within CMM’S de­mo­graphic are go­ing to be al­loy cast­ings run­ning a rub­ber or syn­thetic rub­ber seal. Un­for­tu­nately age, stale fuel and, wor­ry­ingly, mod­ern fu­els all tend to de­grade the seal­ing abil­ity of the tap. The nor­mal sce­nar­ios are ei­ther a leak or a tap that won’t turn. The good news is that there are spe­cial­ists out there who can of­fer re­pair kits or even just the ser­vice parts you need. It might be tempt­ing to sim­ply go out and buy ei­ther a new old stock tap if one is avail­able or a re­pro­duc­tion unit. How­ever, our very ti­tle im­plies and sug­gests we’re me­chan­ics so it’s yet again time to break out the tools and em­bark upon an­other fet­tling ses­sion.

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