Un­ob­tain­able seals

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It’s quite likely that some in­ter­nal tap rub­bers may no longer be avail­able but it doesn’t mean your tap is toast. If you have a good mate or friendly dealer try out seals from other makes. It’s more than vi­able to run a Honda rub­ber in a Yamaha tap for ex­am­ple. If the rub­ber or the holes are too small then fet­tle them. The OD can be care­fully trimmed down with a hobby knife whist the holes can be opened with a sharp­ened hol­low tube of the cor­rect di­am­e­ter. And if there isn’t a read­ily avail­able tap rub­ber to hand you can al­ways make one from some vi­ton rub­ber sheet; ebay lists the base ma­te­rial in a va­ri­ety of thick­nesses for just a few quid.

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