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Andy Bo­las is one of the younger gen­er­a­tion en­sconced within the VJMC – and it shows. He’s got a pen­chant for pick­ing bikes that could be fu­ture clas­sics. This month he looks at a brace of 1990s Suzukis.

fin­ish, which I’m afraid does not hold up well. This shows in the fact that I’ve not seen a nice RF600 for a while, but for some rea­son (older, more ma­ture own­ers?) nice RF900S still seem to ap­pear from time to time. If a mint 600 is what you de­sire, though, Pad­getts has a cou­ple of pre-reg­is­tered bikes for the rather princely sum of £5895. In 1995 Suzuki did a spe­cial edi­tion of the 900 called the S2, which fea­tured multi-ad­justable sus­pen­sion and some rather jazzy colours. Me­chan­i­cally both bikes are pretty ro­bust so it’s just your usual main­te­nance is­sues re­ally such as tired sus­pen­sion and poor/un­cleaned brakes that you need to look out for. Speak­ing to a friend in the trade he has seen a cou­ple of 600s with charg­ing is­sues. A good clean 600 will be harder to find than the equiv­a­lent 900, which in time will make them rarer. The 900 is the more use­able bike of the two and has a great mo­tor and doesn’t cost much more and with a few sus­pen­sion tweaks can be made to han­dle well. It’s a real com­ing clas­sic with all-day us­abil­ity.

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