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Q:I will shortly be re-as­sem­bling the main and-big end bear­ings in my CB900F. My old tub of moly poly grease is just about fin­ished (it’s about 20 years old) and I am look­ing for a re­place­ment for ini­tial start-up pro­tec­tion of the bear­ings while oil pres­sure is ris­ing. I am strug­gling to un­der­stand the cur­rent crop of moly greases which are based on lithium and are gen­er­ally for CV joints and ap­pear to be a grit­tier/thicker grease. Not want­ing to put this in shell type bear­ings, can you ad­vise what prod­ucts would be suitable? I see there is a Honda M60/M-77 moly assem­bly paste avail­able. Is this suitable or just for splines etc? Or should I just use oil? Jim Tracey

A:This is an in­ter­est­ing ques­tion as opin­ions vary at any one time with old wives’ tales mix­ing with proper sci­en­tific re­search as new prod­ucts are re­leased. There isn’t room here to give you a full re­sponse so I shall pro­duce a longer ar­ti­cle soon to give you the full story.

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