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Classic Motorcycle Mechanics - - BUYER'S GUIDE -

Parts for any CL will al­most in­evitably have to come from the US of A so please fac­tor this in when buy­ing an in­com­plete ex­am­ple. Should you choose to go down this route try to get one with all the key CL parts and not a bare-bones project. A CL160 with a duff mo­tor is doable; a CL160 with a de­cent mill but no ex­haust sys­tem is likely to be a long term project. That said many CB and CL 160s have been pressed into ser­vice for clas­sic rac­ing with parts such as seats tanks and ex­hausts hung up in the work­shop and never used; a pal state­side with an ear to the ground would be very use­ful here. A CL160 with its unique ex­haust sys­tem is ob­vi­ously a must but en­sure the baf­fles in­side the si­lencer are still in place and in one piece. Prices as men­tioned aren’t too bad: fac­tor in £1800-£2000 for an ex­am­ple that needs work done to it and £3000-£3500 for a com­plete and clean ex­am­ple. Some CL160S have been turned into café rac­ers; avoid as you’ll strug­gle to find the orig­i­nal parts or hag­gle the price down ac­cord­ingly. Fi­nally know that some CL160S will have led es­pe­cially hard lives. They were the cost ef­fec­tive so­lu­tion to the CL250 that many kids wanted but couldn’t af­ford so the smaller bikes got mer­ci­lessly thrashed.

This mo­tor will have been thrashed...

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