Re­boot Duke? Pah!

Classic Motorcycle Mechanics - - FEEDBACK - Paul Dodsworth

I’m a bit of a Du­cati 851/888 nut so I was in­ter­ested in Au­gust’s Retro Re­boot! Which one do I think is best? Well I pre­fer the orig­i­nal shape in the Tri­col­ore colour scheme as op­posed to the Pani­gale-es­que look of the white and red bikes but these ren­der­ings are not a patch on the orig­i­nal bike. Just look at my ex-mark Forsyth 851 Corse and dis­agree with me! Okay, it is a nice ef­fort by some­one on a com­puter but where is the soul? I agree with the ar­ti­cle con­cern­ing the measly power of the orig­i­nal bikes so my twist on the whole theme was to take an 851 from 1991 and shove in an 1198 engine from 2014 as op­posed to the Pani­gale engine which sim­ply will not fit in the frame and is a rac­ing engine for the track. The 1198 se­ries en­gines are road en­gines with torque and fit straight in (good old Du­cati). The bike has full wiring/in­stru­ments from the 1198 so I have all the new elec­tronic good­ies in­clud­ing the USB con­nec­tion at the back, should you ever need to down­load data, all wrapped up in the clas­sic bike. A few headaches along the way but it is all work­ing, Mot’d and ready to go. If you look at the Power and torque curves I think you will agree the home­made air-box (3D printed in­jec­tor brack­ets look cool) and ex­haust sys­tem seem to be do­ing their job. Just look at that wall of torque from 4350rpm to 5000rpm, lit­er­ally noth­ing to 130Nm. Power is 166hp @ 9500rpm and all at the back wheel: trust me this is more than enough for most on the road. The bike also has lash­ing of mag­ne­sium and car­bon fi­bre which helps to­wards just 160 ki­los in weight: if you want more info or to do a fea­ture, she’s wait­ing. I love my clas­sics and cur­rently have the fol­low­ing: ex-mark Forsyth 888SPS , 888 SP4 (With 1038cc Tes­tas­tretta engine), 888 SP4 (984cc), 851 (1198s engine), 888 SP4 Rac­ing, 888 SP3 Corse project, 955 Corse project, 851 kit project, 851 S3 rac­ing project, 1098R Bayliss, 999R, 998R, 998S, 748R, S4RS, Paso 907ie. And then there are the Kawasakis: ZX-12R (x6) ZX-7R (with 2004 ZX-10R engine), GPZ1000RX, ZZ-R1100, ZX-7RR Fac­tory, ZX-7R project (with 2011 ZX-10R engine). My Suzukis in­clude a Yoshimura GSX-R 1355cc en­durance racer, GSX-R750K and a Ban­dit 1200/XR69 project. Oh and a Laverda Jota.

Ber­tie says: “Paul – we would love to find out more about the 888/1038 – sounds like a real ‘re­boot!’”

For­sooth, it’s a Forsyth!

Retro re­boot Duke.

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