Is this one of Allen’s?

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Hello from Fin­land! I would like to thank CMM for the Allen Mill­yard story. I saw this bike in 2013: a 1250cc, straight five in Honolulu, in a pri­vate mu­seum and I al­ways thought that it was made by the man him­self, but it was not on your list from the Septem­ber is­sue. So, is there some­one else also as tal­ented? I think this has so much torque, that if you are not care­ful enough with the throt­tle mother earth will turn a lit­tle bit faster! An­tero Vi­itala

Allen says:

“Yes it’s the only 1300cc five-cylin­der I made. I built it in 2002 and orig­i­nally badged it as a 1300 but the owner re-badged it as a 1250cc (it was ac­tu­ally over 1300cc due to over side bores). It was a bit fran­tic on the road as you can imag­ine! The orig­i­nal owner lived in Ten­nessee then it went to Hawaii and now it was just bought at auc­tion last year and is in a pri­vate col­lec­tion in the US. I only made one just to see what it would be like and I doubt I would make another!”

They get around, do Allen’s bikes!

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