CL175 (again!)

Classic Motorcycle Mechanics - - FEEDBACK - Michael Dur­rant

Sorry, me again! I en­joyed the CL160/175 guide, al­though it con­cen­trated more on the 160 and ear­lier 175 spine frame models of course, for which say­ing they were fit­ted with a sump guard was cor­rect, un­like the K3 on­wards which had a semi-cra­dle frame and never had sump guards as far as I know, also of course a slightly dif­fer­ent engine be­ing more up­right. I of­ten won­der what hap­pened to the K1 and K2 models though; you’d have thought there would have been some know­ing how Honda worked with their models but I’ve never seen a trace of ei­ther model in any list­ings. Thank you to Richard Pit­man for re­mind­ing me about the cam-chain link orig­i­nally be­ing a split link, how silly of me to for­get that as I must have han­dled hun­dreds of the things in my time (as I re­call peo­ple used to also use them on the 400/4 cam-chain and no doubt the 350/4 as well but that was prob­a­bly a bit more risky). As he men­tions though of course re­place­ment cam-chains tend to be end­less with orig­i­nals long ob­so­lete, so if a new cam­chain is needed then it would have to be a rivet type and with­out the dif­fer­ent cam ar­range­ment on the 200 engine. Maybe the tool I in­vested in will come in use­ful af­ter all.

Ber­tie says: “Thank you (again) Michael! cmm

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