Gary Thomp­son’s 1982 Honda CB750 F2 and 2005 Kawasaki W650

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I thought you might like a look at my be­fore and af­ter bikes! One is a 1982 Honda CB900F2 Bol d’or and also a 2005 Kawasaki W650. Both have had a hard life: the Honda espe­cially. The CB900 is an Ital­ian im­port and needed a few bits chang­ing such as shocks, braided brake lines, bat­tery, the engine has been painted black as it was very scabby. New brake pads and flu­ids got her back on the road. The fair­ing was hid­ing a mul­ti­tude of sins. The W650 was a friend-owned bike of one owner: but de­vel­oped a tank leak, so it was changed for a sil­ver cruiser tank and slightly bobbed in ap­pear­ance with re­place­ment ex­haust sys­tem. Both run well though!

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