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If bend-swing­ing on a mod­ern take on the orig­i­nal ar­ti­cle just isn’t for you, then may we in­ter­est you at all in the fol­low­ing? The orig­i­nal ‘mod­ern’ road­ster is ar­guably 1970’s R60/5. Launched in 1969 as the Type 246, this was a sweet-han­dling 599cc boxer-twin of around 40bhp, up­graded into the R60/6 for 1974 the Type 247 had twin dial in­stru­ments, five-speed ‘box, frame strength­en­ing and longer swingarm. Amaz­ingly, the ba­sic de­sign was so ‘right’ it sol­diered on un­til the mid-1990s and ar­guably saved BMW’S bike­build­ing de­part­ment from get­ting the bul­let. You can pick up a good one for £5000 or less. Don’t for­get the other fam­ily mem­bers – we’d look at the R75 and R90 (no, not the S). Like the R60, ex­am­ples of both can be found for a few grand, ris­ing to £6000+ for a re­ally nice one. By the time the R60 was on its way out, the R1100R was on the

draw­ing board. BMW was head­ing away from the twovalve, air-head en­gines to the four-valve oil-heads. It’s fair to say the 1100R isn’t the best look­ing bike around, but the 80bhp, 235 kilo bike, which also came in 850 guise, rode well enough. Our choice would be the 2001-on R1150R, which looked much nicer, had five bhp more from the twin-spark 1130cc mo­tor, servo-as­sisted brakes and (more im­por­tantly) much nicer ‘flow­ing’ looks. 1100s can be had for as lit­tle as £2k, with the 1150 start­ing at not much more. Re­mem­ber, these things of­ten did huge mileages so check the ser­vice his­tory. Fi­nally, how about some­thing quirkier? The BMW R1150R Rock­ster was sold along­side the stan­dard 1150R, from 2003-2005. It had the same proven chas­sis and pow­er­plant but had a twin-head­light front-end with a frankly bizarre range of colour schemes. Ex­pect prices to be around the same as the ba­sic 1150R.

Where the naked boxer be­gan.

“The sound that the re­spon­sive boxer twin of the Pure C makes is mag­i­cal, even beat­ing the four 300bhp Ly­comings that power The Blades’ air­craft fly­ing above me.”

The Rock­ster was kinda funky.

But the 1150R was al­to­gether bet­ter..

R1100R looked quirky, went well.

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