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This is the Bosch AQT37-13 that we’ve been us­ing for the last 18-months. Many peo­ple baulk at the thought of us­ing high-pres­sure wa­ter on mo­tor­cy­cles – espe­cially clas­sic ones – but I’ve never had a prob­lem with them in more than 20 years. Un­til get­ting hold of the Bosch, I’d used a cheap and cheer­ful pres­sure washer (£30, 15 years old) which was a bit tem­per­a­men­tal from new, but the Bosch is a cut above. Why? Well, it looks nicer, is easy to move about and – when you start to use it – the 1700W mo­tor de­liv­ers a con­sis­tent jet of pres­sured wa­ter (un­like my pre­vi­ous jet-washer). For long jobs, it also switches it­self off, un­til you pull the trig­ger again. Test­ing the washer – which can pump out 130bar of pres­sured wa­ter – on bikes old and new didn’t give me any is­sues with de­cal lift­ing, nor has it had any no­tice­able ef­fect on bear­ings, chains, sprock­ets, elec­tronic in­stru­ments or owt else. Just cover up any sen­si­tive ar­eas and you’ll be fine. What it does do is shift crap and de­tri­tus with ease and that’s all you want. The best bit is that pre­vi­ously I’d only used the washer for the bikes – but the ar­ray of at­tach­ments has meant that I gen­er­ally use the Bosch for other tasks, in­clud­ing clean­ing the con­ser­va­tory roof and do­ing the car. As you can see though, I’ve yet to at­tack the paved drive…

Maybe he should use it on the drive?

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