Clean those smelly shoes!

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It’s al­ways worth check­ing brake shoes that ap­par­ently ap­pear to be in good, re­us­able, con­di­tion. Some­times there’s ab­so­lutely noth­ing wrong with them and they can hap­pily be pressed back into ser­vice af­ter a clean… but not al­ways. A phe­nom­e­non known as ‘in­ter­gran­u­lar cor­ro­sion’ can ren­der old bonded brake shoes use­less at best and po­ten­tial killers at worse. The cast al­loy of your brake shoes is gen­er­ally re­sis­tant to cor­ro­sion but, un­der the wrong con­di­tions, can se­ri­ously de­grade. Mois­ture ingress to the brake drum can cause the al­loy sur­face, to which the fric­tion ma­te­rial is bonded, to grow a white crys­talline coat that rapidly re­pels the ad­he­sive and the shoe. If you can get a flat screw­driver blade un­der any end of a set of shoes they are scrap. In use if a por­tion breaks off and jumps above the rest of the fric­tion ma­te­rial you’ll be on your ear and spin­ning across the Tar­mac. Please don’t take brake lin­ings for granted!

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