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First thank you for you so kind com­ment about my other waf­fles sir Bertie. I have to com­ment on what Steve Cooper was say­ing about look­ing for parts: he’s just so right. Those who find the parts they need are usu­ally those who put the most ef­fort in. As I write it’s just over five years since I fin­ished my 30 years do­ing Honda (and Hinck­ley Tri­umph) parts. I in­tended to go back af­ter my can­cer surgery but one way and an­other it didn’t work out. Any­way I like to think I was one who would try to find an an­swer to al­ter­na­tives for dis­con­tin­ued parts: luck­ily the com­puter sys­tem where I worked had the fa­cil­ity to make notes about where other parts could be used so that in­for­ma­tion at least goes on hope­fully do­ing some good. I do oc­ca­sion­ally get a chance to help some­one strug­gling; re­cently through Twit­ter a lady in Ire­land with a VT250 Magna who was try­ing to find footrests for her ma­chine who I could point in the right di­rec­tion. Spe­cial­ists in cer­tain makes are nat­u­rally more help­ful than the parts peo­ple at your lo­cal deal­er­ship. In the end there’s no sub­sti­tute for ex­pe­ri­ence and I would add the state of mind that looks beyond a sin­gle part and un­der­stands more of the way parts work with a man­u­fac­turer and can

see the big­ger pic­ture. It’s the same with any old ma­chin­ery I’m sure, for the last few years I’ve been work­ing with old Brit parts. Not some­thing I ever ex­pected to do, but again those who put the work in are those who suc­ceed in the end. For the harder to find things you have to look every­where, then look fur­ther, keep try­ing, even if it takes years. For some rea­son there are those who al­ways ex­pect what­ever they need to be just be there when they want it and then will com­plain when it’s not and like those key­board war­riors and bar room ‘ex­perts’ as Steve put it, I don’t think such peo­ple ever have re­ally gone beyond try­ing the ob­vi­ous and giv­ing up, if they ever tried at all. Michael Dur­rant

Bertie says: “We al­ways love your waf­fles sir! And parts is a thorny is­sue with clas­sics, hence we’ve started our new ‘Break­ing Bad’ sec­tion, to look at the prices things go for and how hard/easy they are to find.”

Mag­nas: hard to get parts.

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