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It seems that hardly a month passes than Dansk re­leases yet an­other ‘must have’ re­pair part for clas­sic Porsches – and this month is no dif­fer­ent!

First up is the com­plete rear en­gine panel to fit both Fand G-model Porsche 911s, al­though strictly speak­ing this is the cor­rect part for the G-se­ries cars, as the curve of the Fmodel is slightly dif­fer­ent. An ac­cu­rate re­place­ment panel for the F-mod­els is now be­ing de­vel­oped.

Then there’s what Dansk refers to as the ‘Ba­nana-style sports ex­haust’, which is avail­able in the well-known SSI qual­ity. With a great sound and fin­ish, it will go per­fectly with your SSI heat ex­chang­ers and heater con­trol boxes. Avail­able for F-se­ries cars (92.210SSI + 92.211SSI) as well as the G-se­ries (92.201SSI).

Fi­nally (for now!), how about adding a lit­tle ‘bling’ to your 911, whether it’s an older F-se­ries, a G-se­ries or a later 964? These chrome-plated wiper arms will brighten up your car no end and are avail­able in both left and right for­mat. For de­tails, log onto jp­

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