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The ar­ti­cle about a Porsche ʻcon­tin­u­a­tionʼ by Za­gato in your last is­sue ( Con­tin­u­a­tion Coupé, is­sue #48) raises some is­sues that your read­ers should know about. They are as fol­lows:

It states that the 356 Car­rera GTL ʻAbarthʼ cars were bod­ied by Za­gato. This is in­cor­rect. While the pro­to­type was made for Abarth by a small work­shop to Scaglioneʼs de­sign, the pro­duc­tion se­ries was bod­ied by Tur­inʼs Rocco Motto.

In the re­vival of the open-bod­ied road­ster built by Za­gato for Claude Storez, no men­tion is made of the ini­tia­tive of Amer­i­can car racer and col­lec­tor Herb We­tan­son. It was he who com­mis­sioned Za­gato to build a replica of the Storez car in 2012. I hope that Herb is get­ting a com­mis­sion on the eight other cars that Za­gato has made!

Za­gato is chal­leng­ing re­al­ity in its des­ig­na­tion of its coupé ver­sion as a ʻSanc­tion IIʼ ve­hi­cle. That term refers to a con­tin­u­a­tion of an ex­ist­ing model by its orig­i­nal man­u­fac­turer. To base such a des­ig­na­tion on a draw­ing found in the files is ex­tremely cheeky. Yes, itʼs a great-look­ing car but not a ʻSanc­tion IIʼ ver­sion of any­thing. Karl Lud­vigsen, Bury St Ed­munds Keith Seume replies: Thanks for the cor­rec­tion, Karl. It looks like ev­ery­one is get­ting in on the ‘sanc­tion’ band­wagon – all I know is that I’d love to have one of the new Za­gato-bod­ied 356s in my garage. Well, a man can dream…


I have to first of all say how much I en­joy read­ing your mag­a­zine. I have read it from is­sue #2 (I missed the first is­sue, and have been search­ing for it ever since) and like the mix of Porsches, and the ob­vi­ous en­thu­si­asm with which it is writ­ten. Well done to all con­cerned.

I have a ques­tion for you. Re­cently I ac­quired my se­cond Porsche, a 1968 911 which I found on the lo­cal Craigslist web­site. It is in rea­son­ably good con­di­tion con­sid­er­ing it has been sit­ting out­side for sev­eral months (years, most likely), for­tu­nately in a dry cli­mate. The in­te­rior was toast, the sun hav­ing done its worst, and the paint was none too good, but I have man­aged to carry out a ʻrolling restora­tionʼ which has meant that I have been able to en­joy the car while bring­ing it back to life.

My ques­tion now that sheʼs on the road is what tyres do you rec­om­mend? I realise that they are a mat­ter of per­sonal choice but as the car was wear­ing some rather over­sized non­de­script Amer­i­can ra­di­als (Gen­eral, or some such!), I need to fit some­thing a lit­tle more in keep­ing with the car ʼs char­ac­ter and per­for­mance. In the USA, tyre choice for early cars ap­pears to be quite lim­ited but I am in the for­tu­nate po­si­tion of be­ing able to have parts shipped over from Europe at no cost (I am in the mil­i­tary), so have be­gun to look at Euro­pean tyres.

Do you have any per­sonal pref­er­ences, based on per­sonal ex­pe­ri­ence? Iʼd wel­come any sugges­tions you can of­fer. Mike John­son, via E-mail Keith Seume replies: Glad you like the mag­a­zine, Mike. Keep scour­ing ebay for that elusive first is­sue! When it comes to tyres for early 911s, we are quite spoiled for choice right now, with Pirelli of­fer­ing a fine se­lec­tion of re­makes of their clas­sic ra­di­als – reg­u­lar con­trib­u­tor Steve Wright opted to use Pirelli CN36S on his 2.2 911S, while I am cur­rently us­ing Block­ley ra­di­als, with which I am very pleased. You might like to take a look at the fea­ture we ran in is­sue #42 en­ti­tled ‘Retro Rub­ber’, which looked at the clas­sic tyres cur­rently avail­able from Pirelli.


I en­joyed the ar­ti­cle about the Gulf cars and in par­tic­u­lar see­ing the vari­a­tions of colour schemes in is­sue #47 ( A Touch of Blue and

Orange, page 48). In com­mon with Delwyn Mal­lett, I share a back­ground in graph­ics, so I recog­nised the in­for­ma­tion on colours he sug­gested for fans of the blue and orange.

Sadly, theyʼre un­us­able to­day as P030 is the mark for ICI Au­to­color, a long dis­con­tin­ued range of cel­lu­lose paint. The con­stituent parts no longer ex­ist, so even with that for­mula the colours are im­pos­si­ble to mix. Mike Fairholme, via E-mail


Keith Seume replies: Poor Mal­lett is now tear­ing out what lit­tle is left of his hair. Just when he thought he’d cracked it… Along with many other read­ers (well, I pre­sume this to be the case), I missed the first is­sue of the mag­a­zine. Can you tell me if you have any plans to reprint it? I am sure there would be a big de­mand for such an item. Ev­ery time I look at my book­shelf, there is this gap where #1 should be… Kevin Ashlock, via E-mail Keith Seume replies: Sadly, the costs of reprint­ing the is­sue are pro­hib­i­tive. As with Mike John­son above, all we can sug­gest is scour­ing ebay…

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