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CSCC rules de­cree that the race win­ner gets a 30-sec­ond penalty that lasts for the rest of the sea­son, and the rea­son for run­ning it that way is that it stops as­pir­ing he­roes from build­ing overly-se­ri­ous cars that could be reg­u­lar win­ners, be­cause all that would hap­pen is that theyʼd get pe­nalised to the point where theyʼre rel­e­gated to the back of the pack. As Josh says, ʻitʼs had the ef­fect of keep­ing it as club rac­ing, be­cause all the stars who are out in the big three-day in­ter­na­tional events donʼt bother en­ter­ing. Weʼve now got a 30-sec­ond penalty, but I donʼt care about that. The CSCC are go­ing from strength to strength and they keep adding ex­tra series; Fu­ture Clas­sics is 40-min­utes, and the Clas­sic K is the one hour, and thereʼs also mod­ern clas­sics, which they call Young Timer in Ger­many.ʼ

In some oblig­a­tory pit stop races the driver is merely re­quired to get out and run around the car, but in CSCC events they have to turn the en­gine off, get out, shut the door and get back in again: ʻthatʼs an in­ter­est­ing lit­tle dis­ci­pline,ʼ says Josh. I ven­ture that itʼs al­most worth hang­ing back and com­ing 2nd just so as not to get the 30-sec­ond penalty win­ning in­curs. ʻWhatʼs the point? There was an­other 911 out there that was frac­tion­ally quicker than us be­cause he was get­ting through the cor­ners slightly bet­ter, but then he had a 30-sec­ond penalty so we won, and now weʼve got a 30sec­ond penalty, so next time round thereʼll be a dif­fer­ent win­ner, prob­a­bly the chap who was about 12 sec­onds be­hind us, so it will be his turn to win next time!ʼ

The op­po­si­tion? ʻThe ʻ70s cat­e­gory was a bit of a 911 fest, and there were three TVRS ahead of us at Cas­tle Combe. Mark Chilternʼs 928 which has been run­ning for a few sea­sons is an im­pres­sive bit of kit now. These events are great fun, and ob­vi­ously a great dis­ci­pline – get a car sorted, get it ef­fec­tive – and we are just go­ing through the ex­er­cise at the mo­ment. All the CSCC meets are one-day events, and it might be a full week­end, but that means itʼs two sep­a­rate one-day events, so peo­ple turn up in the morn­ing, do their race, and go back home in the af­ter­noon.

It caters nicely for the club racer, whereas at an event like the Silver­stone Clas­sic you prac­tice on the Fri­day and race on the Sun­day, and youʼve prob­a­bly had to get there on the Thurs­day, and it costs a thou­sand pounds for the priv­i­lege and you donʼt get any more rac­ing; itʼs a won­der­ful cir­cus, though, and I drove it this year in the Lo­tus Elite with Gideon Hud­son whoʼs an old mate from Porsche rac­ing back in In­ter­mar­que and Giroflex in the ʼ80s.ʼ Once a racer, al­ways a racer.

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