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Geert tim­mer bocht // 1977 // COR­NER: YEAR: Assen // Boet Van Dul­men leads Marco TRACK: Lucchinelli leads Bernard Fau (all Yamaha)

Big bikes, big rid­ers and big crowds. In the old days the fi­nal flip/flop of the chi­cane on Dutch soil left much more op­por­tu­nity for the bravest on the brakes to take a last-gasp lunge to­wards a fi­nal fight for the line. If you got it wrong, you messed your­self and your ri­vals up – but it might just have worked in the melee that fol­lowed. In truth, it was a gam­ble. How­ever, if you were right in the other guy’s wheel­tracks then you sat where you were and hit the throt­tle as soon as you could. Let the other guy drag you into the last cor­ner, let him spend his re­sources lead­ing you and any­one else close enough to en­joy the ride. But this was a tac­tic for the pre­cise. Anx­i­ety and vic­tory par­ried on you get­ting on the gas ear­lier than the guy in front.the run to the end of the race was a fraught af­fair when this hap­pened (ask Bernard Fau).

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