What hap­pened to the Rick Hock­ing bike?

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Af­ter they were out­lawed, Abrams sold the en­gine to Lyn St James, who fit­ted it into her ‘D-sports’ car. Abrams got it run­ning again in the early 1990s. “Kenny wanted to put some­thing back to­gether, so I gave Kenny my chas­sis, and it sat at his place for years, and fi­nally I said if you’re not go­ing to do any­thing with it I’m go­ing to take it back,” Abrams says. “I bought an en­gine from a guy in Eng­land, but when it got here it was just some­body’s old worn out parts, it was junk. So I saw an ad in Cy­cle News that said, ‘A newtz750 en­gine’. I called him and asked how new it was. He said: ‘It’s still in the crate’. I paid $10,000 for it! So I put the bike back to­gether for the first time in over 20 years, so it is not the orig­i­nal en­gine, but it is the orig­i­nal chas­sis.”

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