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Dear CR I would like to air my views on the cur­rent clas­sic rac­ing scene. Orig­i­nal bikes should be rac­ing mod­ern repli­cas rid­den by pro­fes­sion­als, orig­i­nal bikes are raced for the en­joy­ment of the rider whereas mod­ern repli­cas are built and raced for profit. Se­condly, I hate and de­test the noise re­stric­tions im­posed, my bikes are open meg­gas and will never be si­lenced to ap­pease house­hold­ers, so they will re­main show bikes. To my way of think­ing, the race tracks were there be­fore houses, so the own­ers should have a clause writ­ten into their deeds that states they are un­able to com­plain. If they do not agree, sell up and move. Peo­ple liv­ing un­der air­port flight paths have no op­tion but to ac­cept it. Fi­nally, my other gripe, the TT races, too many riders get killed each year, the is­land should be re­named: The Isle of Man­slaugh­ter. I would like to see the en­gine ca­pac­i­ties greatly re­duced, bring back the 50, 125 and 250 classes then limit the se­nior to 350cc. To­day’s bikes are too pow­er­ful, un­con­trol­lable, un­re­li­able and ex­pen­sive, a rear tyre lasts for 75 miles (ridicu­lous). . Bob Mac’s Gil­era did eight laps on the same tyres and you never saw him clam­ber­ing all over the bike. Bob was a proper rider, un­lik ke to­day’s high speed ac­ro­bats. Lastly, I note Michael Dun­lop is s rid­ing Bob’s Gil­era in the Clas­sic Pa­rade lap, words fail me. Gor­don Chat­ter­ton Email

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