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The not un­rea­son­able ex­pec­ta­tion was that 1970s HRC pre­pared CYB250/350RSC twins would be big­ger ver­sions of the su­perb 125cc Cr93.these were not for the Pro­duc­tiontt but in­tended as se­ri­ous ma­chines for the Grand Prix level ju­nior and light­weight classes. How­ever, PRE-TT test­ing at Cad­well Park rang alarm bells and Jim Curry’s £75 works ride ended up be­ing not what it might have been. Jim: “On hav­ing my first spin, I found out that Skelly’s 250 had some traits that were def­i­nitely prefer­able to the ‘workies’, with the main one be­ing the 350’s ob­vi­ous twitch­i­ness at the front-end. How­ever, I loved the power the mo­tor pro­duced and it felt as if it had much more on tap than the mo­tor in my Métisse. When all of a sud­den John Cooper hove up along­side me and asked me ‘What d’ya think then Jim?’ ‘I like it, John, it’s a lot quicker than my Mac­chi’ I said con­fi­dently. ‘They’re a load of crap,’ ex­tolled my highly-re­garded one. ‘If you ever beat me on myyam­sel with that thing, I’ll give you myyam­sel’. Hon­estly he did.” At the Is­land Cooper’s as­sess­ment, of the 250 specif­i­cally, proved pre­scient.the six-speed gear­boxes were prob­lem­atic, as was the han­dling, and there were other is­sues.the 250’s lack of speed was fore­most among them. Jim: “The Honda work­shop was be­com­ing more fre­netic by the day as the 250s were lap­ping a lot slower than my own ‘road bike’ and their jock­eys were def­i­nitely not happy bun­nies. Among them was a cer­tain J Cooper, who re­fused to ride his, say­ing it was a waste of his time and he de­parted the Honda pits in high dud­geon as he left, with Alf (Briggs) not phys­i­cally ca­pa­ble of do­ing what­wad­der told him to do with his bike. Cooper and Ray Pick­rell were on 250s, and Gra­ham Penny was on a 350, and they lasted a bit longer than me, as I put a hole in a pis­ton. It was the ig­ni­tion sys­tem and it was all right when I put points back on it.there was al­ways a prob­lem with the cam chain ten­sioner too, but I went on to get 10th at Assen, to get a point. Nine Yama­has and Ago! Was it Ago there?yeah Ago, and Pas­solini ac­tu­ally.” Why the page space dis­sect­ing the un­suc­cess­ful 250/350 Hon­das and one soli­tary World Cham­pi­onship point? Look at a CRMC grid to­day. Peo­ple have rea­son to thank/curse Jim as they pre­pare to start their K4 Hon­das, which some still find hard to as­sim­i­late as ‘clas­sics’.

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