About the t XR mo­tor­cy­cles


The XR raange of Suzukis were pro­ducedd from 1989 (XR90) to 1998 (XR98) annd were only ever sup­plied to au­thor ised fac­tory teams. That al one makes them the most ra­ree of the fac­tory 250 GP rac­ers – mmuch more rare than the kit Hon­das,yyamaha and Aprilla bikes that weree avail­able to pur­chase by non-fac­toory teams. The onnly Grand Prix teams who ever ran thet 250s in the white-hot com­petiti on of the quar­ter-litre cham­pi­onn­ships of the time were the Of­fi­ci­aal Suzuki Gpteam (89-98), S.R.T. – wwhich is now known as TECH 3 – (91-93), Dutchteam Arie Mole­naarr/ Ri­zla Suzuki (97-98) and the of­fi­ci­aal All Ja­pan race team JAJA raci­ing. That sp­pread of fac­tory and clos­eto-fac­tory y out­lets meant a pretty small grooup of rid­ers man­aged to get in­nto the sad­dle of the XRS, in­cludinng: Yukio Ka­gayama and Noriya su Nu­mata in the All Ja­pan cham­pi­onship. Fam­mous non-ja­panese rid­ers in­clud e John Kocin­ski (who had a famoously tetchy time on the small bike),b Si­mon Cra­far,troy Bayliss (it was his sin­gu­lar out­ing on the Moole­naar mo­tor­cy­cle in 1997 as a Wild Card en­try in the Oz round of the 2500cc GP cham­pi­onship to a fine sixth place fin­ish that launched the Aussiee on to the world stage) and dm Mart­inti Wim­mer. The most no­table suc­cesses for the XR se­ries RGV 250s were some podium fin­ishes in GPS as well as Nu­mata win­ning the All Ja­pan 250 Cham­pi­onship in 1995 and 1996.

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