When chief en­gi­neer Federico Mar­coni moved to Gil­era it al­lowed his suc­ces­sor, Pier­luigi Mar­coni, to take over the mantle and push his re­vised de­sign for the funky front end. Mar­coni had the new me­chan­i­cally-steeredtesi run­ning in­side just two months, fit­ted with an un­tuned FZ750 street en­gine for ini­tial tests at the short, twisty go-kart tracks of Ma­gione and Varano in the hands of Bi­mota’s test rider (and works racer) Gian­carlo Falappa. Mar­coni’s steer­ing fea­tures a fairly nor­mal-look­ing pair of yokes into which are slat­ted a pair of meaty hol­low tubes

that not only pro­vide a lo­ca­tion for the con­ven­tional clip-ons but also for the steer­ing damper. The two yokes pivot on the front of the sub­frame and op­er­ate an ab­bre­vi­ated steer­ing col­umn off­set to the left, via a short drag link that is dif­fer­en­tially geared to pro­vide a vari­able steer­ing ra­tio. A small de­gree of move­ment of the bars from the straight ahead po­si­tion re­sults in an even smaller amount of lock on the front wheel, but as the bars are turned fur­ther, the ra­tio picks up un­til at around 10°of slack it is 1:1.

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