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Dear CR Greet­ings from Amer­ica. In the early Seven­ties I lived in your won­der­ful coun­try as the son of an Air Force of­fi­cer based at RAF Up­per Hey­ford in Ox­ford­shire. As we were close to Sil­ver­stone I at­tended as many race meet­ings as I could at nearby Sil­ver­stone and at an event I be­lieve was called the 1973 Sil­ver­stone In­ter­na­tional, I snapped this photo of a very un­usual mo­tor­cy­cle. Ob­vi­ously it has four cylin­ders but if mem­ory serves, it wasn’t a CB-750 lump (though I may be wrong). It’s not the clear­est photo but there are some other strange de­tails. Goodyear tyres. Who used Goodyear tyres back then? How about that rear hub? Very strange look­ing. So I thought your mag­a­zine would be the per­fect place to post this pic­ture and see if your read­ers can help iden­tify this strange ma­chine. I have won­dered what I saw for all these years so any help would be most ap­pre­ci­ated. Thanks so much. Love the mag Mark Kul­czyk,P flu gerville,t ex as

Good to hear from you Mark, thanks for the email. Over to you, dear read­ers. Can you help Mark out with iden­ti­fi­ca­tion? Tony

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