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Dear CR Great mag, as al­ways, but you might like to cor­rect the cap­tion on page 6 ( CR #193) There’s no way that photo is from 1961, and I strongly sus­pect it’s not Monza ei­ther. The van is a Mk.1 Ford Tran­sit (in­tro­duced 1965), the bike Nobby is work­ing on looks like the RC181 and the other is prob­a­bly a six. And the ‘lo­cal lads’ look more like north­ern Euro­peans rather than Ital­ians. If I was to have a guess I’d say Ima­tra, 1967. Andy Bufton Email

Hello Andy Thanks for your email. As you might ex­pect, CR has had more than a cou­ple of let­ters along the ex­act same sub­ject. I could go into all sorts of la­belling rea­sons and archive ‘tags’ that led to the poor cap­tion­ing in this in­stance, but I won't. The buck stops with me and I'd just like to say sorry for this – and a cou­ple of other photo mis-idents that hap­pened in the last is­sue. All my fault. Rest as­sured that Malc’s size eight has been firmly miss­ing any sun­shine of late, given where it’s been liv­ing af­ter he spot­ted the same as you... Tony

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