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Now start­ing his “third act”, Buckcherry’s JT chan­nels his anger with new band Josh Todd & The Con­flict.

Classic Rock - - The Dirt - Year Of The Tiger is out on Septem­ber 15 via Cen­tury Me­dia Records.

It’s lit­tle won­der that Josh Todd sounds so pissed off on Year Of The Tiger, the punk-edged de­but record from his new project Josh Todd & The Con­flict. Ear­lier this year, Todd’s ‘other’ band Buckcherry split with fel­low founder mem­ber Keith Nel­son and long-time drum­mer Xavier Muriel. Rather than lick his wounds, Todd got to work on The Con­flict with BC gui­tarist Ste­vie D.

What was the ori­gin of Josh Todd And The Con­flict? Last year we were tour­ing with Buckcherry and I wanted to write songs – it was time. I didn’t know what was go­ing on with BC and Ste­vie, and I ended up writ­ing an elec­tronic EP [Spray­gun War’s Into The Black­ness]. It was at that point we knew we had some good song­writ­ing chem­istry, be­cause in the past Ste­vie wasn’t re­ally al­lowed to con­trib­ute much in Buckcherry. One of the first songs we wrote was Year Of The Tiger, and when we wrote that I knew we had some­thing. We were clear in the di­rec­tion we wanted to go, so it never felt like Buckcherry

Is start­ing a new project a risk when you’re al­ready in an es­tab­lished band? Buckcherry is es­tab­lished but we only have a few coun­tries we can go to. We screwed up Europe back in the day with not go­ing there con­sis­tently. We can only re­ally go to the UK and make it worth our while in pay­ing for it all. We have the States, Canada, Ja­pan and Aus­tralia and we re­ally over-toured. I wanted to have two bands and be able to tend to The Con­flict for a year and tour the whole world and build it up prop­erly, then I’ll go back to BC and let the Con­flict rest. You have to build an­tic­i­pa­tion. That is a prob­lem a lot of bands are fac­ing. You can’t be out on the road all the time, but if you’re rest­ing at home you’re not mak­ing any money. This is a new band, so it was a lot of work, but this is a labour of love. There is more pres­sure to put out a Con­flict record than there is to put out a Buckcherry record. I felt like I had to make the record of my ca­reer. Pres­sure drives you to go into realms that you don’t nor­mally go into and to push your­self. I found a whole new bag of tricks on this record. It’s a lot more ag­gres­sive and it was so much fun.

So the plan is to jug­gle two bands?

I want to keep mak­ing Con­flict records, and I will make an­other Buckcherry record for sure. I’m very pas­sion­ate about Buckcherry and now we have new mem­bers. It’s the best line-up Buckcherry has ever had. We did a lot of tour­ing last year, though, so it’s time to give it a rest and we’ll get back to it even­tu­ally.

“I had a re­ally painful pe­riod in the mid­dle of Buckcherry.”

You split with two of Buckcherry. Did that in­flu­ence you on this record?

I had a re­ally painful pe­riod in the mid­dle of Buckcherry, and then we wrote 15 and it changed our lives. I’ve had a lot of tur­bu­lence in the mu­sic busi­ness. I’m go­ing into my third act now with this record. Buckcherry was in a lot of dis­ar­ray, now it is all smoothed out, but there were in­di­vid­u­als not be­ing up-front with me; a lot of in­di­vid­u­als that I was re­ally good to over time and that I had a good re­la­tion­ship with and it ended re­ally poorly. That’s when I wrote [Year Of The Tiger song] Fucked Up. Every­thing was so fucked up, and I had this ag­gres­sive mu­sic from Ste­vie and it was great. It’s easy for me to ac­cess anger and pain. RC

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