Par­adise Lost


Classic Rock - - The Hard Stuff -

Par­adise Lost have never fit­ted neatly into any cat­e­gory, in­stead they’ve raged across death metal, doom and goth. So don’t ex­pect Me­dusa to be a sat­is­fy­ingly com­fort­able al­bum with which to en­gage. But that’s what makes it so en­tic­ing.

The band al­low the weight and heav­i­ness of the mu­sic to nes­tle up against Nick Holmes’s mor­bidly at­mo­spheric vo­cals. More­over, the gloomi­ness of the in­stru­men­ta­tion is off­set by the way in which every­thing glides along on heavy groove rails.

It’s a sump­tu­ously desperate al­bum, with the band fe­ro­ciously at­tack­ing hu­man greed on Un­til The Grave, a polemic wrapped in thun­der, and lay­ing bare the il­logic of blind re­li­gious faith on both the mori­bund No Pas­sage For The Dead and the lonely des­per­a­tion of Gods Of An­cient.

Opener Fear­less Sky sets the pa­ram­e­ters, with its sludgy tone and crum­bling grandeur, and the al­bum re­tains this high stan­dard through­out.

Dark­ness to lighten the mood.

Uplift­ingly de­press­ing metal.

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