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The mu­sic isn’t over yet. It’s now 50 years since the Doors’ first al­bum ar­rived like an in­cen­di­ary broad­cast from a he­lio­cen­tric world where rock had never dared ven­ture be­fore, swiftly fol­lowed by the equally as­ton­ish­ing Strange Days. The ex­pected cre­ative re­cy­cling started with the first al­bum’s lat­est deluxe reis­sue. Now comes this pocket-hit­ting box con­tain­ing 20 sin­gles they re­leased un­til 1978’s spo­ken word Amer­i­can Prayer, in­clud­ing live 45s and mono ra­dio press­ings, all in repli­cas of their orig­i­nal sleeves.

Hear­ing these songs again in suc­ces­sion is like sit­ting on a roller­coaster that starts in an acid orgy on Mount Olym­pus. Those first two al­bums still send hal­lu­cino­genic chills half a cen­tury later, then the Doors start go­ing in­ex­orably down as Jimbo’s booze in­take goes up, slid­ing through tor­tu­ous­ly­cre­ated pop con­fec­tions un­til the glo­ri­ous fi­nal star­burst of Rid­ers On The Storm res­cues their name from dis­graced obliv­ion (al­though the post-Jim band’s at­tempts at keep­ing the name alive still sound sadly limp).

The set (also avail­able on dou­ble CD for poorer fans who need an­other com­pi­la­tion) shows again what a truly unique group the Doors once were, while am­pli­fy­ing the frus­trat­ing waste of Mor­ri­son’s self­de­struc­tive de­cline.

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