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Düs­sel­dorf elec­tronic duo’s golden years, plus remix disc. Based around the orig­i­nal nu­cleus of Gabi Del­gado-López and drum­mer Robert Görl, DeutschAmerikanis­che Fre­und­schaft were one of a num­ber of an­gu­lar, highly in­no­va­tive Ger­man groups to emerge from the kraut-punk scene to cre­ate the build­ing blocks for later scenes such as techno and in­dus­trial. Their sec­ond al­bum, the first al­bum Mute records ever re­leased was Die Kleinen Und Die Bösen, at which point they were a scratchy five-piece in­clud­ing gui­tars and synths, cre­at­ing mu­sic of sin­is­ter ur­gency, not least on the piledriv­ing Ge­walt (Vi­o­lence).

It was on their fol­low­ing three al­bums recorded as a duo, how­ever, Alles Ist Gut, Gold Und Liebe and Für Im­mer, re­leased be­tween 1980 and 1982, that López and Górl cre­ated the mus­cu­lar, cropped, bru­tally ironic, whiplash style which has been much im­i­tated and drawn of for in­spi­ra­tion but never matched. Con­sist­ing solely of vo­cals, drums and synths, tracks like Der Mus­solini still over­whelm you more than 35 years on with their dark, warped ve­loc­ity.

They rev­elled in per­ver­sity; Sex Un­ter Wasser from Gold Und Liebe scarcely needs trans­lat­ing, while Ein Biss­chen Krieg (A Lit­tle War) from Für Im­mer was their re­sponse to the West Ger­man 1982 Euro­vi­sion Song Con­test win­ner, Ni­cole’s A Lit­tle Peace. They ben­e­fit­ted from the time­lessly su­perb pro­duc­tion work of Conny Plank, a krautrock vet­eran, one rea­son they still sound im­mac­u­late. So de­fin­i­tive were these al­bums, how­ever, that, like Kraftwerk, they even­tu­ally left them­selves with lit­tle else to do. They recorded two fur­ther al­bums in 1986 and 2003 but this col­lec­tion houses their ab­so­lutely es­sen­tial work.

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