The Sin And The Sentence

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Mod­ern metal gods sharpen their swords.

De­spite be­ing at the fore­front of mod­ern metal since their 2005 break­through al­bum As­cen­dancy, Triv­ium have of­ten seemed cursed by the fickle de­mands of their fan base. Part of the prob­lem has been the Florida quar­tet’s re­fusal to re­peat

them­selves, and as a re­sult each suc­ces­sive al­bum has pro­voked a new set of gripes from cer­tain quar­ters, while the true diehards have con­tin­ued to lap up ev­ery riff. That sit­u­a­tion should end here, how­ever.

Much like their 2015 al­bum Si­lence In The Snow but more so, The Sin And The Sentence is a red­blooded mod­ern heavy metal record, re­plete with bom­bas­tic cho­ruses, vir­tu­oso solo­ing and a crush­ing state-of-the-art pro­duc­tion. Matt Heafy’s vo­cals are stronger than ever, the blend of old and new metal­lic styles is seam­less and con­vinc­ing through­out, and the likes of the bruis­ing ti­tle track, The Heart From Your Hate and the seven-minute, Manowar-tinged The Re­van­chist are among the best the band have ever writ­ten.

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