The post-hard­core band play a trio of UK dates.

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While get­ting ready to play three rare UK shows, Quick­sand front­man/gui­tarist Wal­ter Schreifels dis­cusses the re­turn of the in­flu­en­tial New York­ers.

Quick­sand have a ten­dency to keep on break­ing up and re­unit­ing. What causes those im­plo­sions to hap­pen, and why do the band then get back to­gether again?

It’s like ev­ery re­la­tion­ship – you try to make things work, but the same prob­lems re­main. Af­ter we broke up the sec­ond time [in 1999] we left it alone for quite some time be­fore, five years ago, all of us felt over the drama of the past. Play­ing to­gether again, it put all of the bad ex­pe­ri­ences be­hind us and we re­alised that we needed to make a new record if we were to con­tinue do­ing that.

As re­cently as July, when asked whether there would be a new al­bum, you sidestepped by re­fus­ing to “con­firm or deny” it. Why the se­crecy?

We wanted to make it on our own terms, to cut off any hype and to con­trol it – for it to be ours. We made the record our­selves be­fore there was any record la­bel in­volve­ment.

Nev­er­the­less, the first Quick­sand al­bum in twenty-two years is about to be re­leased. You’ve said that In­te­ri­ors is “about be­ing our­selves and who we were, as well as who we are”. What does that mean? Be­cause our records have con­tin­ued to res­onate, peo­ple feel a cer­tain own­er­ship

[of Quick­sand]. At this point we couldn’t just cre­ate some er­satz, crappy ver­sion of the band. Why make a record with Rick Ru­bin to try sound­ing the way we al­ready do? That’s not a cheap shot at Rick, but we wanted to be some­thing that was con­tem­po­rary to our­selves.

How much of the al­bum will you play live? We did four of those songs be­fore the record came out, and now there will prob­a­bly be some more.

Gui­tarist Tom Capone missed some shows on the last US tour. Pre­sum­ably Quick­sand will be back to full strength in Europe?

No, we’re a three-piece on this next run.

In­te­ri­ors was writ­ten and recorded as a trio. Long-term, will Tom re­turn?

Um… I guess I can’t speak about that right now. It’s kind of a fam­ily thing, y’know? DL

The last date of the tour is Novem­ber 26.

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