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Eric Martin com­pleted To Be With You with David Gra­hame, a Paul McCart­ney looka­like who had ac­tu­ally played the for­mer Bea­tle in the LA stage show Beatle­ma­nia.

“He had some re­ally cool, quirky pop ideas,” Martin says. “We wrote one song to­gether called Cap­tured By Cathy’s Kiss that had kind of a Tom Petty & The Heart­break­ers vibe. Then he said: ‘What else you got?’ and I pulled out a cas­sette from my bag of this song I wrote a long time ago, To Be With You. But there was some­thing miss­ing from it. So he said: “How about we do it with just a bass drum and hand­claps, like Give Peace A Chance? I said: ‘Yeah, let’s try it like that.’ It was like a light went on.”

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