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Not for the faint-hearted. Or to give gran at Christ­mas.

Some­times it’s hard to beat the press re­lease: “NASHVILLE PUSSY are a band who hail from At­lanta, deep in the heart of ‘the BBQ NA­TION’ and sound like ACDC slap box­ing with LYNYRD SKYNYRD while MOTÖRHEAD watches.” And that’s pretty much it.

The band formed in 1997, and over the course of a thou­sand­plus gigs the hus­band-and-wife team of Blaine Cartwright (vo­cals, rhythm gui­tar) and Ruyter Suys (lead gui­tar), plus var­i­ous badass con­spir­a­tors (notably orig­i­nal bas­sist and tow­er­ing in­ferno Corey Parks), have roared, ripped, pum­melled, sweated and cussed their way through their ram­pant hy­brid south­ern rock/psy­chobilly/metal in 40 coun­tries.

Tak­ing the orig­i­nal tem­plate laid down by MC5 and the Stooges to ex­tremes, Nashville Pussy’s mu­sic ex­em­pli­fies the core val­ues of drink­ing, fuck­ing, fight­ing and swear­ing in the streets. And more drink­ing.

And more swear­ing.

It’s hard to choose be­tween the three al­bums on of­fer here: 2009’s From Hell To Texas

(8/10) fea­tures the cau­tion­ary Dead Men Can’t Get Drunk and rocks like hell ripped apart, stone by fes­ter­ing stone, by de­ranged metal-head berserk­ers.

2005’s Get Some! (7/10) fea­tures the clas­sic (if not classy) Pussy Time and a de­mented cover of Nut­bush City Lim­its, and rocks like Ozzy’s left tes­ti­cle.

If pushed, though, start with the new comp, Ten Years of Pussy! (9/10). It has a trib­ute to Thin Lizzy’s clas­sic Live And Dangerous on its gen­der-re­ver­sal cover, rocks like a mutha, fea­tures a guest ap­pear­ance from Lemmy (on the blis­tered Lazy Je­sus), the clas­sic The

South Is Too Fat To Rise Again and rocks like a mutha. Oh wait, did I al­ready write that? Okay. Well this one rocks like a fuck­ing moth­er­fucker.

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