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Must-see gigs from Steve Hack­ett & Orches­tra, The Treat­ment, Ash, Brian Downey’s Alive And Dan­ger­ous and Hog­jaw. Plus full gig list­ings – find out who’s play­ing where and when.

“It still thrills me that John Len­non gave

in­ter­view an say­ing Ge­n­e­sis were among the bands

to he loved

lis­ten to.”

The for­mer Ge­n­e­sis guitarist pre­views eight dates of or­ches­tral shows.

The guitarist con­tin­ues to cel­e­brate the legacy of his late, lamented for­mer band, Ge­n­e­sis, this time ac­com­pa­nied by an orches­tra. These eight UK dates will be per­formed with an orches­tra, some­thing you tried last year in Amer­ica with a forty-one-piece as a one-off. Yeah, and it went very well with the Buf­falo Sym­phonic. We’re not bring­ing them over, but we are us­ing the con­duc­tor, Bradley Thachuk.

So which orches­tra will you have with you? They’re called The Heart Of Eng­land. We started off with the idea of forty-one of them but it’s look­ing like there will be thirty-six.

What do the clas­si­cal mu­si­cians add?

I’ve worked with quite a few, both in stu­dios and on stage. I’m a bit of a clas­si­cal groupie, re­ally [laughs]. Or­ches­tras re­ally in­formed Ge­n­e­sis dur­ing the early days, though those parts were played on synths and Mel­lotrons. Do­ing it with the real thing re­ally brings ex­tra pro­por­tion and size.

Are you writ­ing the scores?

It’s a mix and match. I worked with an Ice­landic band called Tod­mo­bile, who did some re­ally good or­ches­tral scores of the Ge­n­e­sis songs. We had those stored. Bradley Thachuk and his brother Steve have come up with some ar­range­ments for my solo stuff. You also have a new bassist, Jonas Rein­gold from the Flower Kings.

Jonas had worked with our singer, Nad [Syl­van], and he’s very, very good. From the first note of the first song – bam!

The set-lists will be a mix of solo ma­te­rial and Ge­n­e­sis greats. Is this the last lap for Ge­n­e­sis Re­vis­ited, which you be­gan six years ago?

Well, I con­tinue to make al­bums that chart, so on one level I’m rub­bing shoul­ders with the likes of Madonna, but agents and pro­mot­ers al­ways re­quest a Ge­n­e­sis show. So it’s a dilemma, es­pe­cially be­cause I’ve got a band that plays those songs ex­cep­tion­ally well. I’m proud of that era, and it still thrills me that in 1973 John Len­non gave an in­ter­view say­ing Ge­n­e­sis were among the bands he loved to lis­ten to.

In Phil Collins’s au­to­bi­og­ra­phy he claims to have met you on the day you quit Ge­n­e­sis in 1977, and that you de­clined to tell him you were leav­ing, on the grounds that he was the one guy who may have per­suaded you to stay. Yeah. The two of us were not to the manor born in the same way as the oth­ers, so there was a dif­fer­ence.

How hands-on were you in the com­pil­ing of Bro­ken Skies – Out­spread Wings (1984-2006), an art-rock book that in­cludes six remastered al­bums and a whole host of out-takes? Fairly so. It’s my sec­ond boxed set and it cov­ers my mid­dle pe­riod. I wasn’t tour­ing as fe­ro­ciously back then, but it’s an era that means a lot to me.

Does its rere­cord­ing of the

GTR track When The Heart

Rules The Mind fea­ture the orig­i­nal play­ers, in­clud­ing Steve Howe?

No, Steve isn’t on it. There had been some talk of re­unit­ing GTR but Steve wasn’t in­ter­ested. So for this pur­pose Steve Roth­ery [of Mar­il­lion] plays guitar on it.

Is it true that you ap­proached Brian May about join­ing GTR in that band’s lat­ter stages?

I didn’t ask him about GTR, but we did talk about guitar com­bi­na­tions. We like each other’s mu­sic and we’re mates, and now and then we talk about do­ing some­thing to­gether, so let’s see.

Your lat­est al­bum, The Night Siren, is now eigh­teen months old. Are you prep­ping some­thing new?

Yeah. I’m tak­ing an­other jour­ney into the un­fa­mil­iar. Other­wise what’s the point? There are plenty of heavy me­tal he­roes out there. DL

Hack­ett recorded six stu­dio al­bums with ge­n­e­sis.He was in­ducted into the rock and roll Hall of Fame with the band in 2010.The royal Festival Hall date will be shot and recorded.

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