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They’ve got at­ti­tude, man, and they’re ma­lig­nant.

Check the song ti­tle on this record: None Of Your Busi­ness Man. I Don’t Wanna Live In This World Any­more. That’s fol­lowed, with typ­i­cally bleak hu­mour, by How To Die Happy and Two I’s Closed. This is messy mu­sic that sprawls and brawls in the shad­ows, like re­cal­ci­trant, sweaty punks re­fus­ing to grow up, and turn­ing the gui­tars up ev­ery time some­one com­plains.

The voice is raw, harsh, strained. Psy­che­delic, if you can bear the in­ten­sity. It’s Buz­zcocks shorn of the Krautrock lean­ings and given a hefty dos­ing of nico­tine and al­co­hol.

The sin­gle Raise Your Voice

Joyce is bru­tal, bril­liant, a rau­cous an­them to the Bar­ney Gum­ble in­side all of us, with a truly fucked up guitar solo to end. Beau­ti­fully stupid. Stupidly beau­ti­ful. Mean­while, Normal Peo­ple is lifeaf­firm­ing in a death-re­fus­ing way.

Fucked Up are Canada’s an­swer to Aus­tralia’s Smith Street Band and the 1970s ver­sion of the Germs. The six mem­bers may have a shelf life way past most of their col­leagues’ ex­piry dates, yet Dose Your Dreams is fuck­ing ace.

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