Lind­sey Buck­ing­ham

Solo An­thol­ogy: The Best Of Lind­sey Buck­ing­ham

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Erst­while Fleetwood Mac notso-se­cret weapon shows off his wares. As is tra­di­tion for any­one re­leas­ing an an­thol­ogy or ‘best of’ set, there’s usu­ally the en­tic­ing prospect of an ex­tra new song or two to en­tice a hith­erto un­de­cided pur­chaser to part with their cash. For com­pletists of the for­mer Fleetwood Mac man, there are two un­re­leased stu­dio en­deav­ours to be found on this three-disc, 51-song ret­ro­spec­tive run through the Buck­ing­ham back cat­a­logue, which in­cludes ma­te­rial he con­trib­uted to the band that made him fa­mous, se­lec­tions from his solo al­bums and var­i­ous songs con­trib­uted to sound­tracks (Na­tional Lam­poon’s Va­ca­tion and Back To The Fu­ture) along the way.

The first of the ‘new’ songs is the up­beat Hunger, which, with shades of the jaunty Ev­ery­where to it, could eas­ily be­long on the Mac’s 1987 al­bum Tango In The Night, while the other, Ride This Road, is a gen­tle, fin­ger-picked, har­mony­drenched lul­laby.

Cu­ri­ously, and pos­si­bly due to rights rea­sons, the fa­mil­iar Mac ma­te­rial is pri­mar­ily rep­re­sented by live ver­sions, the ma­jor­ity taken from Buck­ing­ham’s 2011 live al­bum Songs From The Small Ma­chine, but over­all this set is a fine il­lus­tra­tion of what a qual­ity song­writer (and mas­sively un­der­rated gui­tarist) he is.

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