Classic Sports Car - - A Passage From India -

Sold/num­ber built 1958-’60/2111

Con­struc­tion steel box-sec­tion chas­sis, with steel body

Engine iron-block, al­loy heads, dohc 1588cc ‘four,’ with two 13/4 in SU H6 car­bu­ret­tors

Max power 108bhp @ 6700rpm

Max torque 104lb ft @ 4500rpm

Trans­mis­sion four-speed man­ual with syn­chro­mesh on 2nd, 3rd and top, RWD

Sus­pen­sion: front in­de­pen­dent, by wish­bones, coil springs rear live axle, semi-el­lip­tic leaf springs; lever-arm dampers f/r

Steer­ing rack and pin­ion Brakes discs Length 13ft (3962mm) Width 4ft 10in (1473mm) Height 4ft 2in (1270mm)

Wheel­base 7ft 10in (2388mm)

Weight 2156lb (977kg)

0-60mph 13.3 secs

Top speed 115mph Mpg 21.8

Price new £1027 (’59) Price now £50,000

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