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Year of man­u­fac­ture 1960 Recorded mileage 5280 hours Ask­ing price £25,995 Ven­dor Euro­pean Clas­sic Cars, Wilt­shire; tel: 01672 512879/07813 394167;­ro­pean­clas­s­ic­ WHEN IT WAS NEW Price n/a Max power 39hp Max torque n/a 0-60mph n/a

Top speed 11kph/7mph in 6th (no fig­ures for 7th or 8th) Mpg n/a

ECC has im­ported a few re­stored ’60s Lam­borgh­ini trac­tors, but this is its first crawler. This is a TL, the wider-tracked ver­sion. It had three own­ers in the Padua area, and was re­stored about three years ago. There are new grease nip­ples all over it, and what’s most remarkable is that it is com­plete in ev­ery de­tail down to the tool/sand­wich box on the right mud­guard. Even the air in­take stack (which you have to re­move to open the bon­net) is un­dam­aged. Ap­par­ently, they get put down on the right track and then driven over.

The Lam­borgh­ini Trat­tori or­ange is even, the seat cov­er­ing is new, and even the brass screws on the seat-back and dash­board line up. As well as the re­pro graph­ics on the bon­net sides, the orig­i­nal (and un­re­stored) nose badge re­mains, as do all the alu­minium con­trol knobs, and the Lam­borgh­ini-branded fuel-filler cap. The lights, on spring-loaded mounts at the rear, look cor­rect, and all work.

The mo­tor was ap­par­ently re­built, with clean­ish oil show­ing on the re­mark­ably well-sealed dip­stick. The tracks look in good fet­tle, though they lack any form of rub­ber pads that would make it kinder to Tar­mac. There’s just a lit­tle rust creep­ing out from be­tween the spring leaves and, if we must nit­pick, a very slight weep from the PTO (Power Take Off) shaft seal at the back.

Push in on the ig­ni­tion key just like a Lam­borgh­ini road car, then the but­ton, and the 2190cc diesel triple starts easily, though it smokes a bit. It’s sim­ple if not in­stinc­tive to op­er­ate, with hand throt­tle and clutch, and steer­ing and stop­ping by a com­bi­na­tion of hand lev­ers and foot ped­als on each side. The brakes (one mas­sive drum on each side) have plenty of bite, sug­gest­ing they were re­built, too, and it’ll turn al­most in its own length. We didn’t shift gears on the move be­cause it’ll pull away in any of its eight for­ward ra­tios – a four-speed ’box with a high-low trans­fer case. The rev counter and hour me­ter work, and oil pres­sure is a slap-in-the-mid­dle-of-the-gauge 25psi.

Re­tain­ing its Padua num­ber­plate, plus orig­i­nal Ital­ian reg­is­tra­tion doc­u­ments, its NOVA cer­ti­fi­ca­tion is done ready for reg­is­tra­tion in the UK.



Straight and re­painted


New seat cover; rev counter works


It is fully op­er­a­tional; brakes have plenty of bite

VALUE ★★★★★★★✩✩✩

For You’ll have the only one; op­por­tu­nity for the ‘could you fetch my Lam­borgh­ini’ gags

Against Im­po­lite to use on the road


If you have got the space to play it’s the ul­ti­mate toy, at around twice the price of a re­stored Lambo 1R trac­tor

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