Bul­taco — Yrjo Ves­ter­i­nen:

Classic Trial - - MEETING -

“It would have been in 1974 dur­ing my first ride in Scot­land that I first met Jock Wil­son. As it is of­ten said, first im­pres­sions count and with Jock this cer­tainly was the case, a warm friendly smile and the firmest hand­shake I had ever en­coun­tered. As the week pro­gressed I felt that Jock gen­uinely tried to help me by giv­ing me use­ful tips and en­cour­age­ment dur­ing the week. This paved the way for a life­long friend­ship. Whilst in Fort Wil­liam, I no­ticed that Jock very much en­joyed the evenings in the bar usu­ally hav­ing an in­ter­est­ing con­ver­sa­tion about the trial with a glass of his favourite whisky in his hand. Some years later when I saw him he said that he has had to ad­just the fuel mix­ture a bit. I didn’t get it. He no­ticed, laughed and said I have had to add a bit of wa­ter to the whisky as the en­gine was run­ning a touch too rich! Af­ter we got mar­ried, my wife Diane and I moved to live down south in Wok­ing, we were in reg­u­lar con­tact with Pat and Jock. The high­light of ev­ery year was the Wil­son fam­ily New Year’s Eve party at their house on Red Lion Road on the leafy out­skirts of Lon­don. Soon af­ter our son Mika was born, Jock and Pat pre­sented him, for his first birth­day, with a jolly nice trike with big fat wheels. That was a ges­ture that we very much ap­pre­ci­ated. At first the trike was a bit too big for him. Later when Mika had grown up a lit­tle and was al­ready cruis­ing around the house on his trike and also at that point he was be­gin­ning to speak a lit­tle. We said to him, “Please, thank Un­cle Jock for this new toy of yours”. Mika be­ing a smart young lad took it on board and when Jock ar­rived he said: “… Thank you very much Aun­tie Dock”. Jock smiled broadly. That name stuck and in our fam­ily Jock is still af­fec­tion­ately known as Aun­tie Dock!”

Pic­ture Credit: Alan Vines

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