Day Five Mileage: 82 Miles; Sec­tions: 37


Nerves came into play on the last-but-one day of the event as Gor­don Far­ley parted with more marks than he had planned on the Fac­tory over-bored Tri­umph Tiger Cub. He was sur­rounded by the Greeves man­u­fac­turer team who were all try­ing to fin­ish in front of the on-form Den­nis Jones. Bill Wilkin­son was the best of the Greeves team rid­ers, fol­lowed by Don Smith and Jim San­di­ford. Pre­vi­ous win­ner Arthur Lamp­kin moved into ninth po­si­tion on the same marks as San­di­ford. It’s quite in­ter­est­ing to note that the top 15 had more two-stroke than four-stroke ma­chines as the tide had cer­tainly started to change for the light­weight ma­chin­ery.

Fri­day: 1: Sammy Miller (Bul­taco) 13; 2: Dave Row­land (BSA) 33; 3: Den­nis Jones (Greeves) 35; 4: Bill Wilkin­son (Greeves) 38; 5: Gor­don Far­ley (Tri­umph) 42.

Jon Tye (Bul­taco): The even­tual win­ner of the R.A. Cas­tle Tro­phy for the best ser­vices rider. He rode for the RAF Mo­tor Sports As­so­ci­a­tion.

Mau­rice New­sham (Bul­taco): Look­ing as though he is en­joy­ing him­self, the vil­lage of Kin­lochleven can be seen in the back­ground.

Norman Edgar (Bul­taco): The win­ner of the Syd­ney La­timer Tro­phy for the best Ed­in­burgh Club mem­ber.

Ted Br­ef­fitt (Bul­taco): Show­ing full ‘English’ body lean on the ra­dial head four­speed Bul­taco as he at­tacks Lag­gan Locks.

Reg May (Greeves): Seen here on his im­mac­u­late Greeves Reg would be­come very in­stru­men­tal in the ma­chine prepa­ra­tion of the Span­ish Bul­taco brand, and in par­tic­u­lar the win­ning Bul­taco ma­chin­ery of Martin Lamp­kin.

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