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No one should have to deal with bul­ly­ing. While I wasn’t bul­lied my­self, we Al­most half of had cliques at school – Bri­tish adults say groups of girls who stuck they were bul­lied to­gether and ex­cluded oth­ers. They’re stupid and nasty, there’s no rea­son for it other than to “look cool.” A new sur­vey by Yougov as part of the The Diana Award #Back­2school Anti-bul­ly­ing Cam­paign, re­vealed that al­most half of Bri­tish adults say they were bul­lied at school. My lit­tle brother was bul­lied and that was hard for me to see and I felt so pro­tec­tive over him. It’s so of­ten over triv­ial things that just don’t mat­ter when you’ve grown up, but I think it’s so im­por­tant for kids to speak up.

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