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There’s been story af­ter story telling us that sit­ting at our desks is killing us and we should all be stand­ing. Now a 12-year-long study has found that stand­ing for hours might be just as bad for you as smok­ing, mak­ing you twice as likely to get heart dis­ease. Ap­par­ently, stand­ing could in­crease pres­sure in your veins, plus it isn’t great for your back or legs, so what should you do? Mix up sit­ting and stand­ing. Re­search has shown that sit-stand desks re­duce sit­ting time by more than three hours a week, in­crease your sense of well­be­ing and en­ergy, lower fa­tigue and ap­petite and keep you pro­duc­tive. If you’re feel­ing desk-bound, go to the loo on the next floor, walk at lunchtime, chat to col­leagues rather than email­ing – move ev­ery hour.

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