Closer’s in­trepid dater, Re­becca Twomey, on find­ing a bal­ance with the rules of ro­mance

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The so-called T “rules” of mod­ern courtship are just one con­tra­dic­tion af­ter an­other, you’re not sup­posed to come across as too avail­able – ap­par­ently be­cause men love the chase, but I’ve also been warned not to play games as it puts off the nice guys. Find­ing a bal­ance be­tween the two is like walk­ing

a tight rope over a crocodile­in­fested swamp – ei­ther way some­thing is go­ing to snap.

I tried to play it cool with the guy I’ve been see­ing and waited for him to ask me out for the next date. But un­be­known to him, I kept Satur­day night free “just in case” he sug­gested meet­ing up. But the day came and went with­out any men­tion of see­ing each other.

I was an­noyed, but couldn’t fire that in his di­rec­tion – I was an­gry at my­self that I’d sab­o­taged my Satur­day in the hope he’d fit in with the plan that was only in my head. Should I have just asked him out­right if he was free to meet? But isn’t that too keen? Or should I have made other plans then, if he’d got in touch, told him I was busy all week­end? But isn’t that just play­ing games? I’ll let you know when I’ve found out!

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