Chanelle: “I’ll drop 4st and have surgery to get back to size 10!”

Just six weeks af­ter giv­ing birth, Chanelle Hayes bravely poses in un­der­wear to show her post-baby curves as she tells Closer about life af­ter a tough preg­nancy

Closer (UK) - - Contents - By Annabelle Lee

She suf­fered ex­treme sick­ness, be­came se­verely anaemic and de­vel­oped painful sci­at­ica dur­ing her preg­nancy, so it’s no sur­prise that Chanelle Hayes is overjoyed to fi­nally pose with her gor­geous new­born Frankie.

And while she ad­mits she’s look­ing for­ward to shed­ding her post-preg­nancy pounds, for now she’s just re­lieved to be free of her crip­pling symp­toms.

“By the end of my preg­nancy, I felt enor­mous and had been so ill,” she says. “If I stood for more than ten min­utes I was in agony. I was al­ready big be­fore, but I swelled up ev­ery­where. It was just aw­ful!”

Chanelle, 29, gave birth to baby Frankie Ed­ward – with her PE teacher part­ner Ryan Oates – at the end of Au­gust.


“Af­ter a week I lost so much weight – as I’d had wa­ter re­ten­tion – and my stom­ach went down so I felt mirac­u­lously slim­mer. I felt like a size 6, I was like ‘I might walk around ev­ery­where in a bikini.’ Then I looked in the mir­ror and thought ‘Oh, I’m still re­ally big’,” she laughs.

Af­ter such a dif­fi­cult preg­nancy, Chanelle – who wanted to do this shoot to stand up for those mums who haven’t snapped back into shape and are strug­gling to re­gain their con­fi­dence – ad­mits she’s en­joy­ing feel­ing nor­mal again and be­ing able to eat prop­erly.

“The sick­ness [she suf­fered from hy­per­eme­sis gravi­darum and was vom­it­ing up to 40 times a day] stopped at 30 weeks, but after­wards, Frankie was sit­ting re­ally high so I de­vel­oped ter­ri­ble acid re­flux.

“The morn­ing I came out of hospi­tal, I told Ryan, ‘I’m go­ing to eat the big­gest Domino’s you have ever seen!’”

Chanelle – who is also mum to Blakely, seven, from her brief re­la­tion­ship with foot­baller Matthew Bates – has yo-yoed over the years from a size 8 to an 18. But last year, when she was strug­gling with back pain and was told she risked be­com­ing di­a­betic, she vowed to slim down.

“Be­fore I found out I was preg­nant my plan was to get down to a size 10 by my 30th birth­day in Novem­ber. That’s not go­ing to hap­pen now,” she says. “But I want to lose weight. Since hav­ing Frankie I’m more wob­bly, I’ve got stretch marks on my stom­ach and my boobs are flat – empty Z cups!”

But while the Big Brother star is keen to get back into healthy eat­ing and the gym, she has very low iron lev­els, which leaves her con­stantly ex­hausted.

“Some days I don’t even have the en­ergy to get in the shower, let alone do a spin class!” she ad­mits. “I’m on iron tablets, but un­til my lev­els go up, I can’t ex­er­cise.”

Chanelle jokes that she’s been on the “one hand” diet since Frankie was born.

“I have to be able to eat ev­ery­thing with one hand be­cause I have him in the other arm,” she laughs. “I’m eat­ing what I want. We’ve been eat­ing out a fair bit, too, and my mum’s al­ways bring­ing round meals.”


But the star – who’s 5ft 2 and cur­rently a size 16-18 – vows to reach a size 10 and lose 4st by next sum­mer.

She says, “I don’t want to get into a cy­cle of weigh­ing my­self ev­ery day, it’s not healthy when I have a young baby. I think I need to lose around 4st. I don’t want to de­cide an amount as I usu­ally go on how I feel, but it would be around that. I bend over to dry my legs af­ter a shower and my belly is touch­ing my knees!”

“I’m an all or noth­ing per­son, so I’ll go out

walk­ing with Frankie in the pram and then have per­sonal train­ing ses­sions – there’s a gym near me with a crèche, which is great.”

But the for­mer glam­our model, who had breast im­plants tak­ing her from a B-cup to a DD six years ago, says she’ll also un­dergo surgery to get back her body.


“My boobs were huge dur­ing preg­nancy. Ryan kept say­ing, ‘They’re big­ger than my head!’” she laughs. “Now they’re like huge, empty bal­loons. Once I’ve lost the weight they’ll prob­a­bly be on my knees, so I’ll have a breast uplift and smaller im­plants.”

And Chanelle says she’ll also con­sider a tummy tuck. She re­veals, “If I end up with loose skin around my stom­ach I’ll have that taken off. And I’ve lost a lot of hair through preg­nancy and anaemia, so I’d love a hair­line trans­plant.”

She adds, “I’m wear­ing huge nurs­ing bras with breast pads. I’ve never felt less sexy in my life! Ryan’s so sup­port­ive and I know he loves me what­ever size I am. I’d love to get mar­ried, but only when I’ve lost weight. I can’t wait to feel sexy again.”

‘Ryan loves me no mat­ter what size I am’

Blakely She vom­ited up to 40 times a day dur­ing the preg­nancy

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