The stars fu­elling the dan­ger­ous new bum craze

In the age of the su­per-sized bot­tom, record num­bers of women are re­quest­ing butt-boost­ing op­er­a­tions. But ex­perts blame celebri­ties for driv­ing the risky trend and warn that it can even be lethal…

Closer (UK) - - Contents - By Kather­ine Romero

She’s re­port­edly no stranger to the sur­geon’s knife and her fa­mous curves have sparked count­less ru­mours of surgery. Last week­end was no dif­fer­ent when Blac Chyna, 29 – who was said to have had over £75,000 worth of pro­ce­dures ear­lier this year to re­gain her post­baby body – flaunted an in­cred­i­ble mega-bum.

But Blac’s not the only star to turn heads with a show­stop­ping rear, with the likes of rap­per Iggy Aza­lea, 27, and re­al­ity stars Chloe Ferry, 22, and Lau­ren Goodger, 31, dis­play­ing huge, grav­ity-de­fy­ing bot­toms.

Though the stars have never con­firmed hav­ing bum surgery, clin­ics re­port clients are in­creas­ingly copy­ing their looks.

Dr Foued Hamza, a lead­ing Har­ley Street plas­tic sur­geon, tells Closer, “Pa­tients come in with photos of celebs and say

they want an over­sized bot­tom like them. At the mo­ment, Blac Chyna and Iggy Aza­lea are driv­ing this trend. I tend to per­form around ten to 15 Brazil­ian butt lifts a month – in­ter­est has re­ally soared.”

In fact, sta­tis­tics show en­quiries about bum-en­hanc­ing ops in the UK have in­creased sharply by 170 per cent. The high­est in­ter­est was from girls aged 18-24, most com­monly re­quest­ing fat trans­fer pro­ce­dures, which in­volve re­mov­ing fat by li­po­suc­tion – typ­i­cally from the stom­ach and thighs – then in­ject­ing it into the bot­tom to give a fuller look.

The pro­ce­dure – of­ten called the Brazil­ian butt lift – costs around £6,500 and is seen as less in­va­sive as it doesn’t re­quire surgery and can be done in a lunch hour – with­out much re­cov­ery time needed.

But sur­geon Mark Ho-asjoe tells Closer fat trans­fer in­jec­tions can prove more dan­ger­ous than im­plants and that com­pli­ca­tions can be fatal. Two women died in Amer­ica – one in 2016 and an­other ear­lier this year – af­ter com­pli­ca­tions from fat in­jec­tions caused lethal clots.

Mark says, “We’ve seen a big rise in the num­ber of en­quiries with bum en­hanc­ing. Peo­ple see fat trans­fer in­jec­tions as the safer op­tion as it’s your own fat be­ing in­jected into your body. What peo­ple may not re­alise is there’s a big risk of com­pli­ca­tions. If an im­plant causes an in­fec­tion, you just re­move it. But with fat in­jec­tions it can spread to other tis­sue and can also lead to the fat clot­ting on the brain or the lungs. It can prove fatal and there’s even the risk of death.

“Peo­ple want th­ese celebri­tystyle bot­toms but it’s im­por­tant to not go over the top. If pa­tients have a large quan­tity of fat in­jected it can droop and cause sag­ging, or look de­formed.”




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