in your 20s

Study­ing, so­cial­is­ing and work­ing your way up the ca­reer lad­der can all take their toll – both men­tally and phys­i­cally. Here’s how to counter those chal­lenges…

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iron “Young women are most likely to be iron de­fi­cient,” says Dr Rux­ton. “Al­most half of girls aged 11 to 18, and more than a quar­ter of work­ing-age women, don’t get enough, bring­ing fa­tigue and poor men­tal per­for­mance. Take a daily sup­ple­ment with a glass of or­ange juice for max­i­mum ab­sorp­tion.” cal­cium “Bone den­sity peaks in your mid-20s, so boost your cal­cium in­take now, as well as taking reg­u­lar weight-bear­ing ex­er­cise (jog­ging, danc­ing, ten­nis) to avoid osteoporosis later.” Vi­ta­min d “Long of­fice hours, SPF make-up and cloudy skies can de­prive you of vi­ta­min D, as sun­shine is the best source. Take a cap­sule of 10-25 mi­cro­grams daily to sup­port nor­mal im­mune func­tion and pro­mote bone den­sity.” B12 “It’s very dif­fi­cult for strict ve­g­ans to get enough, and the con­tra­cep­tive Pill can de­plete this es­sen­tial B vi­ta­min. Vegemite is a good source, but it’s high in salt. Be­ing de­fi­cient can lead to ex­treme tired­ness, mouth ul­cers and de­pres­sion.”

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