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MARRY YOUR BEST FRIEND Holly and hus­band Dan were good friends be­fore they started dat­ing, and Holly says a solid friend­ship is the se­cret to a long-last­ing re­la­tion­ship. She re­vealed, “If you get on and have the same in­ter­ests, it makes the dif­fi­cult times eas­ier be­cause you’re both ap­proach­ing it from the same an­gle. We really have a good laugh to­gether.”


SET PRI­OR­I­TIES As the years have gone by, Holly’s learnt to value her time and will make sac­ri­fices if she needs to. She said, “I have be­come quite good at be­com­ing strict with my time and in ev­ery­thing I do in life… Even friend­ships will sort of go down the peck­ing or­der, be­cause it’s not as im­por­tant as [fam­ily]. If they’re true friends, they’ll al­ways un­der­stand that.”


MAKE TIME FOR YOUR PART­NER De­spite their busy sched­ules, Holly says she al­ways makes sure she and Dan spend one-onone time to­gether when they can. She says, “If I’m sit­ting in the bath, I’ll just ask Dan to come in and sit on the toi­let and talk to me… so we just have that ten min­utes to­gether.”


SLEEP ON IT Fall­outs are in­evitable in fam­ily life, and Holly’s tip for deal­ing with ar­gu­ments is to sleep on it. She ad­mit­ted, “Some­times I just need to have more of a level head, so I go off and calm down… I wake up the fol­low­ing morn­ing and things don’t seem as bad. Some­times you’ve just ra­tio­nalised things a bit bet­ter in your head, and you’re not so emo­tional and quick to snipe.”


WORK AT IT Holly says not to ex­pect mar­riage to be per­fect all the time – be­cause it won’t be. She says, “Mar­riage is some­thing we have to work at. You’re an id­iot if you think you just get mar­ried and then tick along hap­pily ever af­ter for the rest of your life. At the same time, it shouldn’t be too dif­fi­cult. I do be­lieve tired­ness has a lot to answer for.”


DON’T LOSE YOUR­SELF While Holly cred­its moth­er­hood as “the great­est job” she’s ever had, she says it can be easy for women to lose their iden­ti­ties and just be­come “mums”. She said, “Just be­cause your life is dif­fer­ent, it doesn’t mean you are. You’re the same per­son, it’s just that now you have a per­ma­nent plu­sone to con­sider.”


PUT FAM­ILY FIRST Holly has to jug­gle a hec­tic work sched­ule with be­ing a mum, but her mantra is that fam­ily al­ways comes first. She re­vealed,“if I work in the af­ter­noons, then I make sure I’m home in time for bed­time. I have to do that, oth­er­wise I go a bit grey in­side. The most im­por­tant thing is my fam­ily and mak­ing that right.”

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