‘Amethyst and her lover have shared three life­times to­gether’

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Amethyst’s first meet­ing was with psy­chic and Spirit And Destiny colum­nist Nina Ashby. She could sense the spirit’s pres­ence im­me­di­ately.

Nina says, “I be­lieve they’ve shared three life­times to­gether and go back a long way. In a pre­vi­ous life, he was a priest, and Amethyst was a priest­ess. They grew up to­gether and worked in a tem­ple of heal­ing and light – but then they were sent on sep­a­rate mis­sions and never saw one an­other again. The next time they met was in Eu­rope in the mid­dle ages. They weren’t lovers in that life­time – they were both men who went off to war to­gether. Amethyst died de­fend­ing him and he was heart­bro­ken. They were also torn apart in their third life­time, when he worked on a ship and one day never re­turned from sea.”

Amethyst re­veals she’s re­lieved to hear she shares a his­tory with her part­ner – some­thing that Tarot ex­pert Avril also con­firmed. “I love the fact that the medi­ums think we’ve crossed paths be­fore,” says Amethyst. “Now I un­der­stand why he came to me.”

Avril was also able to re­veal what Amethyst’s spirit lover looks like now.

Avril says, “I can see that he’s tall and dark-haired, with a round face. He seems in­tel­lec­tual.”

But nei­ther Nina nor Avril spoke to the hand­some ghost.

Nina says, “He was cu­ri­ous, but he stood in the cor­ner, rather than want­ing to par­tic­i­pate. He’s not much of a talker!” Amethyst ex­plains, “He didn’t like the idea of the date at all. When I woke

up this morn­ing, he wasn’t there. He wouldn’t show him­self to friends or fam­ily to­day either.”

Closer’s Poppy Danby was present at the date. She says, “I was scep­ti­cal to say the least. But as the day went on, I be­came con­vinced some­thing spooky was in the air.

“Avril and Nina did their read­ings in sep­a­rate rooms, to en­sure ev­ery­thing they did was in­de­pen­dent. Yet both of them came to the same con­clu­sions about the spirit, con­firm­ing Amethyst had met him in a pre­vi­ous life. We also lit a few can­dles to cre­ate a ro­man­tic at­mos­phere and used one to rep­re­sent the spirit’s pres­ence at the ta­ble. How­ever, while all the other flames blew out eas­ily in the breeze, his light con­tin­ued to burn brightly – de­spite both my­self and Avril blow­ing hard.”

Amethyst was told more abut her ghost over by medi­ums

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