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Google has launched a new tool called Fam­i­lies that makes it eas­ier than ever to share pho­tos, re­minders and events with your loved ones. It lets you add up to five con­tacts to your Fam­ily group. You can then share

items with ev­ery­one in your group with the click of a but­ton. We’ll show you how to cre­ate your own group, then share pho­tos, re­minders and events us­ing Google’s Pho­tos, Keep and Cal­en­dar ser­vices.


Go to­i­lies, log in us­ing your Google ac­count, click Get Started, then click Cre­ate Fam­ily Group. You’ll see all your Gmail con­tacts listed. Click to se­lect up to five con­tacts 1 . A drop­down menu 2 will ap­pear next to any con­tact with more than one email ad­dress. To add peo­ple who are not in your con­tact list, type their email ad­dress 3 , then click ‘Add re­cip­i­ent’. Once you’ve com­piled your group, click Send 4 .


Group mem­bers will re­ceive an email invitation. They need to click Ac­cept Invitation 1 within two weeks of re­ceipt. Af­ter that, they need to click Get Started, Join Fam­ily, then View Fam­ily to see all group mem­bers. You’ll re­ceive an email con­fir­ma­tion as each per­son ac­cepts your in­vite.

STEP3It’s easy to man­age your group. There are two ways to do this. In Gmail, click your pro­file icon at the top right, click My Ac­count, then click the ‘Fam­ily group’ link in the ‘Ac­count pref­er­ences’ sec­tion on the right. Al­ter­na­tively, go to­i­lies, then click Man­age Group. In both cases, you’ll see how many more peo­ple you can in­vite to your group 1 . Here you can also send in­vi­ta­tions 2 , re­move any mem­bers 3 and delete the en­tire group 4 .


To share things with your group, go to­i­lies, then scroll down to Google Cal­en­dar, Google Keep and Google Pho­tos. To share pho­tos, click the Go but­ton be­side Google Pho­tos 1 . This takes you to the Google Pho­tos web­site in your browser (but you can also use the fol­low­ing fea­tures in the Google Pho­tos app).


Move your cur­sor to the top left of the first photo, then click to se­lect it. You’ll now see tick­boxes on your other pho­tos, so click to se­lect the other ones you want to share 1 (as many as you want), then click the share icon 2 . In the pop-up menu that ap­pears, you’ll see a green ‘Fam­ily group’ icon with a heart at the top left. Click this icon to share your pho­tos with your group. They can now ac­cess your pho­tos and up­load their own to the group.


We’ll now show you how to cre­ate notes that the group can col­lab­o­rate on. Go to (or use the Google Keep app). Here, name your note 1 , click in­side the ‘Take a note’ field, then start typ­ing your note 2 . The ‘Re­mind me’ icon 3 lets you set a re­minder (you can choose a time, date and place), while the pal­ette icon 4 lets you add a colour to that note. To share the note with your group, click the Col­lab­o­ra­tor icon 5 , the ‘Fam­ily group’ icon, Save, then Done. Mem­bers in your group can now edit this note from their ac­count.


To add events to your fam­ily group, go to com/cal­en­dar (or the Google Cal­en­dar app) and click the Cre­ate but­ton at the top right. Here, name your event 1 , then fill in the de­tails in the boxes be­low 2 (place, de­scrip­tion, event colour, no­ti­fi­ca­tion). Now in the Guests field, type fam­ily, then se­lect the ‘Fam­ily (group)’ op­tion 3 to share your events. You can set group per­mis­sions us­ing the tick­boxes be­low 4 . When you’ve fin­ished, click Save 5 to share your event in­vi­ta­tions. ●



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