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Can an old Chrome­cast cast my desk­top?

Q IN Is­sue 503 (page 27), you de­scribe how to use a Chrome­cast to use a TV as a mon­i­tor, but I have a first-gen­er­a­tion Chrome­cast and the method doesn’t work. Am I cor­rect in as­sum­ing that only the new Chrome­cast ( can stream my PC’S desk­top to the TV? Ron Dun­can Athe

orig­i­nal Chrome­cast should be able to cast your PC’S desk­top in the same way as the sec­ond-gen­er­a­tion ver­sion. First, plug your Chrome­cast into your TV as nor­mal, then use your TV re­mote to se­lect it from your TV’S in­put op­tions. Next, open Chrome, click the menu icon (the three ver­ti­cal dots at the top right), then click Cast. When the ‘Cast to’ box opens, look for the small ar­row just to the right of the ‘Cast to’ header, click it, then click ‘Cast desk­top’ (see screen­shot be­low). Now click the name of your Chrome­cast in the box. Click Yes if a ‘Google Cast Screen Shar­ing Re­quest’ pop-up mes­sage ap­pears. Your PC’S desk­top should now ap­pear on your TV screen.

Why won’t Stexbar in­stall?

Q I tried to in­stall Stexbar while fol­low­ing your Work­shop in Is­sue 503 (page 38), but I keep see­ing a pop-up mes­sage that says ‘The sys­tem ad­min­is­tra­tor has set poli­cies to pre­vent this in­stal­la­tion’. I’ve seen this mes­sage be­fore and the usual so­lu­tion is to rightclick the in­staller, then click ‘Run as Ad­min­is­tra­tor’. This time, how­ever, the op­tion to ‘Run as Ad­min­is­tra­tor’ doesn’t ap­pear. Any sug­ges­tions? Dave Pearce

A WE didn’t en­counter any prob­lems when in­stalling Stexbar, but it sounds like your PC is strug­gling to gain ac­cess to its reg­istry, which is nec­es­sary if it’s to in­stall new pro­grams. Be­cause the ‘Run as Ad­min­is­tra­tor’ op­tion isn’t work­ing for you, try log­ging on to your PC’S Ad­min­is­tra­tor ac­count directly.

To do this, right-click the Start but­ton, then click Win­dows Pow­er­shell (Ad­min). Note, if your PC hasn’t up­dated to the Cre­ators Update yet, you’ll need to se­lect Com­mand Prompt (Ad­min) in­stead. Ei­ther way, next type net user ad­min­is­tra­tor / ac­tive:yes in the Pow­er­shell box (or copy the text from www.paste­ raw/1nppy9jx), then press En­ter. Now restart your PC. On the lo­gin screen, se­lect the new Ad­min­is­tra­tor ac­count, which won’t re­quire a pass­word.

Try in­stalling the pro­gram again. Once it’s in­stalled, restart your PC again and log in us­ing your own ac­count, from where you should be able to ac­cess Stexbar.

Is ‘Mouse with­out Bor­ders’ bro­ken?

Q I was ea­ger to try the ‘Mouse with­out Bor­ders’ tool cov­ered in Is­sue 501 (page 58). I tried to set it up for two PCS, but I didn’t see the ‘No’ prompt you re­ferred to when set­ting it up, mean­ing I couldn’t get a se­cu­rity code. Robert Brody Athe

first thing to en­sure when set­ting up ‘Mouse with­out Bor­ders’ (MWB) is that both of your PCS are con­nected to the same net­work. Once done, open MWB on both PCS. If this was the first time you were open­ing it you would see the prompt we re­ferred to. How­ever, be­cause you’ve al­ready been try­ing to use it, we’re go­ing to as­sume that it now opens to its main win­dow (the one with three tabs at the top – Ma­chine Setup, Other Op­tions and IP Map­pings).

In this win­dow (on both PCS), click ‘Go through the setup ex­pe­ri­ence’ at the bot­tom right, then click Yes. This will make the ‘Let’s get started’ screen ap­pear, just as it would have done the first time you opened MWB.

It’s im­por­tant you set up each PC in turn. So go first to the PC you con­sider your main com­puter (we’ll re­fer to this as PC 1), then click No on the ‘Let’s get started’ screen. You’ll see an ‘Al­most done’ mes­sage, and un­der that you’ll see a se­cu­rity code and your PC’S name (see PC 1 screen­shot be­low left).

Now go to your sec­ond com­puter (PC 2) and click Yes. You’ll now see a screen with two empty fields – ‘Se­cu­rity code’ and ‘Other com­puter’s name’. En­ter the code and the name of your main com­puter into these fields ex­actly as they ap­pear on PC 1’s screen (it is case sen­si­tive – see PC 2 screen­shot be­low). Click Link (be­neath the two fields) and you should be able to con­trol both PCS with one mouse.

PC 1 En­ter the se­cu­rity code and PC name ex­actly as they ap­pear so that ‘Mouse with­out Bor­ders’ can con­nect your PCS

PC 2

The first­gen­er­a­tion Chrome­cast can cast your PC’S desk­top to your TV but you must make sure you se­lect the cor­rect source

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